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The adventures of Simbad the Persian leopard (cont'd)

We spoke to you a few days ago about the global event of the year in terms of captive animals, the transfer of Simbad, a young Persian leopard who left our park in July for the reintroduction centre in Sochi.

Grégory Breton, our zoological park manager, sent us some information and photos about the site where Simbad will be released.

"Here is a photo of the Caucasus mountain range in the Sochi National Park.

Simbad will be released into this sort of environment, after a training period during which he will learn to hunt wild boar and other animals in a vast 6 hectare enclosure, which is almost double the size of our Malayan tiger enclosure and with more changes in altitude. 

Simbad was used to catching and killing chickens for food at the Parc des Félins and we hope that his instinct will now drive him to hunt larger prey which will be released into the main enclosure.

Once Simbad has been released into the national park, park rangers will follow his movements 24 hours a day through his radio collar which will be fitted 1 or 2 months before his release. 

This work is unique! Simbad will be the first Persian leopard born in a zoological park to be released into the wild!

This is a joint collaboration between the Ministry of Russian Natural Ressources, the Russian WWF, the Cat Specialist Group of the UICN, the Felid TAG of l'EAZA and the European Breeding Programme of the species. The Parc des Félins is honoured and proud to participate in this project."